Oh Google, what have you done…

So I jumped onto YouTube about a week ago, looking for some study procrastination (yes, it’s exam time).

YouTube Logo_3

Having been on the YouTube bandwagon for some time now, I’m pretty comfortable with leaving a comment or two and sharing my opinion on topics.

But as I go to leave my comment – something happens.

Something I am really not happy about.


Google is now forcing my hand; I have to get a Google+ account if I want to be able to comment. On YouTube.

Wait, what?

Google, what are you trying to do to me?!

The Google+ platform has less than 0% appeal to me, seriously.

Haven’t I got enough social networks? Besides, no one I know is even using Google+

Forcing people to join a social platform is such a bad move. Isn’t Google’s motto supposed to be do no evil? How about leaving people with the choice as to whether they want to be a part of your community?

Whatever happened to choice, Google?

Now I understand that they thought Google+ would become bigger than Facebook, but is this outrage from those ‘forced’ onto the platform really going to work in Google’s favour?

Flexing their ‘muscle’ through the YouTube platform to try to boost users on Google+ is a great way to piss people off. Case in point here.

I’m not going to use it. Forcing me to be a part of it is just ridiculous.

Google has also managed to mess up the comments section in the process; allowing links, no comment size limits; I mean, don’t they realise that those were there for a reason!?

Thanks to this little ‘integration’ move, people are posting really offensive comments and links to viruses, spam, and even porn sites.

If Google thought they were cleaning up the comment problems on YouTube, maybe they should’ve thought it through a little more.

I’m calling it. Google, get your act together, and fix what needs fixing.

Part of the whole appeal of social media sites is about choice and control. People can invite or not invite who they want to interact with. People can be as involved, or uninvolved, with the platforms as they want. People can provide as much, or as little content as they choose. Their choice.

The following video is one YouTuber’s reaction to the change:

WARNING: Inappropriate Language

Personally I think Google should leave the two platforms separate; I really don’t think that this is going to make Google+ a more successful platform.

Let me know in the comments –

  • Do you have a Google+ account? What do you use it for?
  • What do you think about Google’s move to merge YouTube and Google+?
  • Do you think that the merge will make Google+ a more successful social network?

Until next time,

N. Apple_bitten.svga


2 responses to “Oh Google, what have you done…

  1. As much as it’s really frustrating everyone, I think that google possibly has the power to pull this off. YouTube is such a massive website that so many people use and enjoy commenting on that if google chooses to stick with its policy of signing people in to a Google+ account (which I don’t think it will) it could actually work. What I don’t understand is, in this super-integrated world where you use your gmail login for gmail, Chrome, blogspot, and previously youtube, why don’t google just sort of smoosh a google+ account on that? Sort of an “oh look, your google profile is now a google+ profile!” thing. Google is super-integrating everything anyway.
    Also massive kudos to facebook for way outliving MySpace! Google+ could have been a winner had facebook petered out the way that MySpace did.

    • Emily – apologies for the very late response to your comment! I have to ask though, have you found that you are using Google+ more? I can’t say that I’ve really jumped on the bandwagon of Google+, though having said that if more people in my social network were gravitating towards it than Facebook I might feel differently! Great point, Facebook has continued to evolve with us to keep itself relevant (even if sometimes things like adding hashtags seem a bit pointless)

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