Eleventh-hour save; the value of convenience

Phew! Just made it in this week, under the wire!

Which is actually kind of funny, ’cause that’s what this post is all about.

I was really hanging out for my weekend last week. It had been one stressful week; full of assignments, eating, sleeping, working, repeating.


But that weekend would be my savior. That weekend I was headed up to sunny Queensland for a fun girls weekend away with mates.

Friday was particularly stressful. I’d been scrambling to finish editing my assignment, clean the house, and pack, all in time to leave for my flight.

My ride arrived. Panic set in. I wasn’t ready.

Luckily, before too long I’d scraped together enough clothes for a weekend and off we went. On to the Citylink gridlock.


Now if you’re like me, there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic. It just feels like such a waste of time. I was kicking myself for not having gotten ready sooner.

Of course, a lane was closed through the tunnel. The speed limit was down to 60 and we were reading the electronic sign displays citing massive delays.

Oh great. No this is just what I needed #sarcasm

I thought I’d tested my stress threshold to the maximum that week. Turns out I had a whole other level.

I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much else on a Friday afternoon.

The traffic was so bad that at one point we thought we were going to miss the check-in.

But then, a stroke of genius hit.

Surely, in this digital day and age we should be able to check in with our phones?


I searched the App store desperately for a Jetstar App that would allow me to check in.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Luckily the website online check-in worked – we got sent our boarding passes via SMS and suddenly felt a huge wave of relief fall over the car.

It was going to be alright.1379586_10151640363495146_93362839_n

Our trip that day took over an hour to get to the airport; we had just enough time to get through security, grab a puzzle book and head for the gate.

The web check in was our savior, but something was still bugging me.

jetstar logo

Why Jetstar, why do you not have a mobile app for this?

As I mention in my post about mobile marketing, nearly two-thirds of Aussie consumers have a smartphone.

Especially for a brand that is targeting younger, more price-sensitive and time-strapped consumers, surely an app to check in and store your booking information makes sense?

I’ve been having a debate about this with some friends, and so I figured I would put it to you guys to tell me what you think:

Personally I think that an app like this would be so convenient, and perfect for those quick trips where you’ve only got carry on

Let me know in the comments –

  • Have you ever nearly missed the check-in?
  • Do you think that more brands should be finding ways to give time-poor consumers alternative solutions?
  • Why do you think that Jetstar hasn’t invented this app yet?

Until next time,

N. Apple_bitten.svga


21 responses to “Eleventh-hour save; the value of convenience

  1. Oh god don’t get me started! Especially with other budget airlines like Tiger, I always feel the need to arrive at the airport nearly 3 hours before which is ridiculous because the flights are nearly always delayed. I do this because more often than not the line to check in is massive and can take an hour to get through, so to be safe I arrive really early! If they had a check in app I would save SO much time! Great idea Nat!

    • Thanks Amelia 🙂 I know, the stress of budget airlines is just no fun. Especially Tiger, now that would be handy. Hopefully they’ll see this and make one

  2. While an application option would be nice don’t think it is absolutely necessary. You can still do it on your phone, is that not enough? Yes, most people these days have a smart phone but do they want to waste memory and processing time on an app they are not likely to use very often? I wouldn’t. Also, in your case would it not have taken longer to download and install the app than do a Google search? I don’t want my phone looking like a stock exchange with heaps of company names filling in my app list and phones memory.

    • Fair enough, I suppose it really depends on how often you think you’d use it. I’m guessing you probably voted for the website in the poll? 🙂 If it’s something that you wouldn’t use often, then you’re right – it’s probably not worth your memory space. I hadn’t thought about that, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hmmm… I would say whether or not Jetstar had an app is still optional. It will be handy if I am a frequent flyer of Jetstar but it won’t really be applicable if I’m not. Well so far I am very satisfied with Jetstar’s service but unfortunately I did miss a check-in before, not from Jetstar.. but Tiger. Pretty dissatisfy with their service and security since I can just check-in without even checking if I have a boarding pass.
    I wanted to go to Hobart the other time and I missed my flight due to the fact that the counter is close by the time I was there. I think there should be a web check-in machine that phone can sync in maybe using QR code so we can access easily and will be helpful for those poorly-time consumer to board the flight with ease.

    • Yeah Tiger is always a bit tricky, maybe they should be looking to set up a web check-in for those of us not always able to get there a good 90 mins before. Good point, it would be valuable to those who would be using it a lot, but otherwise maybe not so much. At least if your next flight is with Jetstar you can use the online check in on your mobile 🙂

  4. I have most definitely been a victim to running late to the airport Nat! It is a surprise however that Jetstar DID NOT HAVE ONE for mobile phones. Seems almost threatening to their value-offering for tech-savvy, price sensitive, budget travelers. It’s the little value ad ons I personally love about any service. In response to your question regarding Jetstar’s lack of app invention, it could possible be due to their own time and priority constraints. Someone should give their Digital Marketing Manager a hit on the head to wake him up! In the digital era we live in, almost anything and everything should be available at the click of a button don’t you think? As a consumer we are becoming spoilt with options in between our index finger and thumbs. Happy you made your flight Nat!!!! Was alarming to learn of Jetstar’s absent app! Thanks!

    • I know, I found it really strange. I’ve gotten to this point where if I need something I just assume that there will be an app for it! There seems to be one for everything else. Agreed, it seems like something they should definitely think about – the website is mobile optimised; it almost looks like an app. Hopefully we might see one come out in the near future. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. It surprises me that Jetstar haven’t thought of this – though congrats on getting their attention on Twitter! If I were any sort of company I would be thinking of ways to connect with consumers and how best to utilise existing technology to make my product more convenient for customers. This seems like an easy app for Jetstar to make as well. Perhaps they’ve got an app in the pipeline that includes searching for airfares? Do any other airlines have apps? Qantas for example?

    • Haha, why thank you 🙂 I know, it seems like something that would make sense for them to do, and they obviously have the technology ready with the web check-in. Qantas does actually have an app that you can use to check-in as well as search and book flights. Virgin Australia also has an app that you can use to check-in (and book flights of course). Even Tiger has an app to book flights on (though it doesn’t mention a check-in feature). Seems that Jetstar needs to catch up here! 🙂

  6. They should implement it! Would make life must easier! but instead of a whole new app, couldn’t they just add it to their pre-existing mobile app? I assume they have one? if not, they should! to keep people informed of flight delays and what not, and sales specials. Apps are not that expensive, so for a budget airline, it could be a point of difference.

    • I assumed as well. The only app that came up from searching the store was for Jetstar postcards. The other airlines all have apps – even Tiger (though I don’t think you can check-in online). Jetstar really needs to look at developing their mobile app if they don’t want to fall behind the competition. Exactly. If they can offer app check-in and Tiger doesn’t have it, it could be enough to tip those people who’ve had the Tiger horror experiences of missing flights over to become Jetstar consumers 🙂

  7. From Jetstar’s perspective an App could actually act as a way of further “locking in” frequent flyers to the brand. For some people the convenience of already having the app and being familiar with Jetstar is all it takes to continue to fly with them. They would have to make sure to keep it bug free though, otherwise it might do more harm than good…

    • Great point, they would need to make sure that the app is well developed and the bugs are out before launching it. Qantas does have an app developed already; surely Jetstar could utilise their parent brand’s mobile app capabilities and the technology to create an app. Not having to go look up my booking reference, and go back and forth to the website would be really helpful. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  8. I do not fly with Jetstar that often , but Im surprised that they have not invented an app for it! Im quite time-conscious, often arriving approx 2 – 3 hrs earlier for a flight, so i reckon i wont miss a flight ever 😛 not too sure whether I could ever feel how its like to be in your situation ! 😀

    • It does seem like an oversight doesn’t it 🙂 fair enough, that’s pretty organised of you. I’m definitely more strict about my times for anything international – but domestic I don’t get so stressed about the time (until I’m stuck in traffic of course). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Perhaps, Jetstar is confident enough with its current performance, therefore, no app for you. But I’m pretty sure by the time Jetstar comes up with a helpful app that will support consumers, Jetstar will generate more $$$.

    • Possibly, but I can’t help but wonder if that’s the smartest move given that all of their competitors (yes even tiger) have an app. I’d like to think they could leverage Qantas’ app capabilities, but maybe the company isn’t designed that way. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. I was just writing about the lack of apps in my report the other day! It seems so strange that despite how many people are using smartphones and tablets, so many companies don’t have apps. Being able to check in through an app would be great because for us living in Melbourne, the airport is a long way away and more often than not, you’re delayed. It seems like such a simple thing but apparently not simple enough.

    • Couldn’t agree more – it seems like a relatively simple way to add value. Then again, there are plenty of people here who wouldn’t bother using it. Reports in – hope you’re feeling as relieved as I am 🙂

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