You can raise the drawbridge, but the trolls still get in


They’re like pesky little mosquitoes. You didn’t invite them to your barbeque, but they show up anyway to spoil your fun.

Troll face

If only there was a virtual equivalent to Aeroguard.

As long as you’re active online, then there’s a good chance that you’ve probably encountered a troll or two in your time.


Trolls are fact-denying, name calling, pot stirrers that feed off negativity and conflict for their own amusement.

Their antics range from mildly annoying, to extremely offensive, and everything in between.

There have been countless accounts of trolls attacking celebrities and brands across social media websites.

Since we can’t avoid trolls, we’ve got to learn how to deal with them, at both an individual level, and at a brand level.

Trolls aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The following video talks a bit more about trolls, and how to handle them more effectively:

Let me know in the comments –

  • Have you seen any recent trolling examples online?
  • How would you handle a troll attack online? Would you follow NIna’s example?
  • What do you think makes someone an easy target for a troll attack?

Until next time,

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24 responses to “You can raise the drawbridge, but the trolls still get in

  1. Love that you manage to work in an apple pun in the video. Very much appreciated.
    Trolling is a difficult issue because there’s not really much you can do to prevent it, and once it’s done, it’s just about minimising the consequences. It’s also difficult to determine where the line is between ignorant dickheads, and trolls who are doing this deliberately to stir up controversy, as both can have the same result.

    • Exactly right, it can be hard to know whether trolling is intentional, or just coming from a place of ignorance. One of the ways to try to minimise the impact is to take the conversation off a brand’s public page. For example, taking a timeline post on a Facebook page to a direct message to resolve can help reduce the potential for others to jump on the negative bandwagon. It is something we are seeing crop up more and more. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Great animation Nat! a really informative video you have there 😀 I have seen too many of those, mainly from 9gag ( —> Check this out!
    Probably I would have done something like Nina, if I were to blow the whole thing up, that will definitely make me any easy target and people would have continue trolling me all the way. Great job on the video again!

    • Thanks Mike 🙂 It was definitely harder to make than I thought, but I learned a lot. I agree, not engaging and maintaining a positive attitude are critical to surviving a troll attack. It’s definitely a good test in resilience. Thanks for watching 🙂

  3. Very impressive video!
    I think the funniest thing is when “grown-ups”, like, our parents’ age, try to get amongst Facebook etc. They are the WORST at understanding trolling and sarcasm, they should not be allowed on social media.

    • Ahh thank you 🙂 haha, yes I agree. It can be so hard to explain the concept to someone who has no idea about trolls. Maybe they should see this video! Thanks for watching 🙂

  4. Great video Nat! I loved it! I think that trolls are really annoying but you get “trolls” even in real life and they should be ignored the majority of the time. Don’t give them the satisfaction of reacting to their trolling comments and then they will get bored eventually. Generally, they need to be treated like an oldschool bully!

    • Exactly 🙂 it can be really hard to ignore, but you’re right – it’s the internet’s version of a bully. And you’re right; if they’re not getting the satisfaction of upsetting you they’ll move on. Thanks for watching 🙂

  5. You’re passion and enthusiasm for digital marketing along with your creativity shows that you’ll go far in this business. Really great to see how you’re branding yourself with this blog as much as you talk about other brands. Potential Monash success story in the making. Keep it up

  6. Absolutely love that animation haha.. especially the part where he peeps back up saying ‘ U MAD? ‘ 😀

    Wondering how Miley Cyrus would respond to all the trolling attacks she’s been subjected to ever since her performance at the VMA’s!

    • Haha thank you, though I can’t take credit for that – I’m just the sourcer. Good point, she has copped a fair bit of abuse. Though interesting that her performance came just before she released that song with Bieber – Twerk. Maybe it’s more strategic than we think 🙂

  7. when i first heard about trolls, I literally though it was the ones like in story books. Apparently not lol.
    Anyway, is there any change that we can utilise trolls for our gain instead of a loss?

    • Haha no, unfortunately not. They’re a bit harder to avoid or get rid of. I think that ultimately by not rising to their baiting that good things come out of it. After all, the racist tweets towards Miss America ultimately resulted in people talking about inclusion and acceptance. We can choose to take the positive spin, it will probably annoy the trolls all the more 🙂

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